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Welcome, folks! I'm glad you've found my corner of the Internet. My name is Valerie Bodden, and I'm the editor you'll get if you choose VB Editorial. I entered the publishing world more than 14 years ago, with my first position as an editor at The Creative Company, an award-winning children's publisher located in Mankato, Minnesota. If you want the full story of how I landed that wonderful job, you can check that out here, but for now, suffice it to say that before I took that job, I had no idea work could be so fun! I became hooked on the role of helping authors tighten their writing, polish their prose, and refine their message.

Although we moved away from the Mankato area a few years later, I never left the world of publishing. I've been working as a freelance editor for publishing houses, self-published authors, and businesses ever since. And I've also written more than 250 books (yep, you read that right!) published by The Creative Company, ABDO, Lerner, and The Child's World. I love living on both sides of the editorial desk—and you'll benefit from my experience as both an author and an editor. Interested in working with me? Contact me today!

PS: Love the photos on my site? Me, too! You should check out these other great pictures by my talented husband, Josh Bodden



My editorial philosophy is to always tell you the truth—but kindly. As an author myself, I know what it feels like to receive feedback on content that is dear to you, especially about what's not working. That's why I always phrase my edits gently—and point out what you're doing right as well as what needs work. However, I also know that ignoring problems never helped anyone, so I won't hold back from flagging the areas that need work, whether they are huge, manuscript-wide issues, or smaller, single-scene (or even single-sentence) problems.

Don't be discouraged if your manuscript comes back looking all marred by my editorial marks. That's how it's supposed to look! Revision isn't about feeling bad about yourself as a writer—it's about learning ways to make your writing even stronger. I feel privileged to be part of your writing journey and look forward to encouraging your growth as a writer. If you're wondering what it's like to work with me, you can check out these testimonials.


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